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We are excited to share some new T-shirt designs with you. Made of high quality material and designed by Jesse Blunt. You will look amazing in these designs while showing your support for the shop and local business. We have several sizes available and will be adding new designs regularly.

The first shirt we are offering – Tried and True Eagle T-Shirt- is from a series of wood print designs based on traditional tattoo icons. The process for creating the piece is from one of the earliest forms of print duplication and involves etching the design onto a wood block and then coating the block with ink in order to make the impression on paper, fabric, or other materials. This resulted in each piece having an individuality unlike the others due to various artifacts making themselves present during the process.

We hope you will sport your shirt with pride knowing that you have not only made a quality purchase, but also, the fact that you are helping others discover local artists who are creating worthwhile merchandise and products that rival the big corporations. #buy #local

Thank You for shopping.

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